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Photo Gallery & Video

November 2018 · Hollywood Christmas Parade

August 2018. Korea's Independence day Celebration

July 2018. World Competition of Korean Traditional Performing Arts      

June 2018. The 4th Korean American Youth Cultural Festival 

May 2018. Performance for Elderly 

April 2018. Temecula Korean School support class   

April 2018. Multicultural Festival 

March 2018. Brea Korea Annual Cultural Night  

February 2018 UN Refugee Benefit  Concert AND North Korea Human Right

December 2017  Foundation For Korean Language and Culture in USA 

December 2017 · LA County Holiday Celebration

KAYPA performance starts at 1:15:08 

November 2017 · Hollywood Christmas Parade

August 2017 · Korean Cultural Center 

July 2017 · The 3rd Korean American Youth Cultural Festival