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KAYPA, Korean American Youth Performing Artists, is a non-profit organization that is led under the direction of JaeEun Park Lee and is rooted in Southern California. Our Organization focuses on enriching our community through Korean traditional dance and modern k-pop dances. KAYPA provides its members the opportunity to further educate themselves about their Korean heritage through dance, as well as share their culture with others. Also, our students are able to build leadership and time management skills through volunteer based performances and leadership positions. 

Our Mission

The primary goal of KAYPA is to provide Korean-American youths with the opportunity to educate themselves on their Korean heritage through various types of dance, reach out to the community to share their cultural experience through volunteer performances, acquire leadership through service-learning experiences, and to educate others about the importance of their roots.

Our Vision

We hope to share Korea's traditional culture with not only Korean Americans but all races and to share the importance of knowing one's cultures.

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