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What will your donations be used for?

Since its launching in 2014, all the expenses of KAYPA have been maintained mainly with the membership fee collected from the participating

families and with some donations from local small businesses. However, as the scale of the organization is expanding and we are a nonprofit organization without stable help, KAYPA found ourselves at the end of our tether and came to an agreement to look for outside funding/help of any kind.

The amount you donate will be used for the following purposes. We hold regular performances to inform other races about Korean culture, and we plan to utilize the fund to impact the local community and its members, reaching out to the neglected or isolated class of people. We plan to visit

local adult care facilities and express our respect to pearls of wisdom thanks to aging. We also plan to use some portion of the fund to reform the

float, a generated carriage used at the Hollywood parade, which needs to be reformed to fit for the theme of each year. Any other donations such

as goods, drinks, etc. will be greatly appreciated as those will be used to help to give a smaller burden to the members/parents of KAYPA.

How to donate:

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Thank you for supporting Korean American Youth Performing Artists (KAYPA) which is a non-profit organization that focuses on enriching our community through Korean traditional dance, music, and modern K-pop fusion dance. The primary goal of KAYPA is to provide Korean-American youths with the opportunity to educate themselves on their Korean heritage through various types of dance, reach out to the community to share their cultural experience through volunteer performances, and acquire leadership through service-learning experiences. We appreciate all your help.

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